Correct some outdated statements in the contributing guidelines (#8612)

* More information for drone-cli in

* Increases the version of drone-cli to 1.2.0
* Adds a note for the Docker Toolbox on Windows

Signed-off-by: LukBukkit <>

* Fix the url for the blog repository (now on

Signed-off-by: LukBukkit <>
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@ -72,13 +72,15 @@ Here's how to run the test suite:
- Install the correct version of the drone-cli package. As of this
writing, the correct drone-cli version is
- Ensure you have enough free disk space. You will need at least
15-20 Gb of free disk space to hold all of the containers drone
creates (a default AWS or GCE disk size won't work -- see
- Change into the base directory of your copy of the gitea repository,
and run `drone exec --event pull_request`.
- At the moment `drone exec` doesn't support the Docker Toolbox on Windows 10
(see [drone-cli#135](
The drone version, command line, and disk requirements do change over
time (see [#4053]( and
@ -302,7 +304,7 @@ be reviewed by two maintainers and must pass the automatic tests.
* Add a tag as `git tag -s -F release.notes v$vmaj.$vmin.$`, release.notes file could be a temporary file to only include the changelog this version which you added to ``.
* And then push the tag as `git push origin v$vmaj.$vmin.$`. Drone CI will automatically created a release and upload all the compiled binary. (But currently it didn't add the release notes automatically. Maybe we should fix that.)
* If needed send PR for changelog on branch `master`.
* Send PR to [blog repository]( announcing the release.
* Send PR to [blog repository]( announcing the release.
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